Does Mitt Romney Not Understand What Rape Is?!

This is the most bizarre political season in my lifetime.

A most detached from reality Republican senate candidate says ” God intended” pregnancies that result from rape, and the GOP presidential nominee continues to support his candidacy.

Can you image something this ass backwards happening when Bob Dole or Richard Nixon ran for the White House?  Can you image George Bush (43) ever allowing this to happen?

Republican Mitt Romney’s campaign says he still supports Indiana Senate
candidate Richard Mourdock after Mourdock said “God intended” pregnancies that
result from rape. The campaign has not asked Mourdock to pull a TV ad featuring

Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul said Wednesday Romney
disagrees with Mourdock’s opposition to abortion in cases of rape and incest.
But she says Romney still supports Mourdock’s bid. Romney himself has not

If the Republican nominee can not stand up and denounce rape as a vile and totally unnaceptable act than the squirmy bastard does not have any right to ask the vote of any woman or educated male in this nation.

To not slap down the conservative crank from Indiana, and stand up for what is right either shows that Mitt Romney does not understand what rape is, or has lost all his moral center for mere political calculations.

I am not sure what is worse.

This nation needs to give a collective ass kick to Mitt Romney.

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