Donald Trump is Human Garbage


Donald Trump Becomes Twitter Laughingstock

Our expectations about @realDonaldTrump’s Obama announcement were clearly not low enough.…etc…etc…etc…these are worth the time to read.

Remember when the Joker threatened to blow up a hospital if Batman didn’t expose his true identity? Trump def got this idea from that

I am giving Mr. Trump a 5pm deadline to deal w/ the hair.

The news we were waiting for.

Donald Trump is human garbage.

I have never said that about anyone before.

No one has ever quite deserved it the way Donald Trump has.

After the racist crap that has flowed from his mouth, his grandstanding, his political theatrics which has only embarrassed those he seeks to align himself with comes this pithy article.

In a blockbuster announcement today, Donald Trump announced that he is a very sad man who has nothing to live for other than drawing attention to himself. “I’m a sad, pathetic human being and a complete waste of life,” said Trump, adding that he lives an empty existence, and that he is nothing more than a corporate shill, as well as a failed husband, father, and human being. “I am the piece of shit you stepped in on your way to work. I am the vomit that hurls out of your mouth when you are sick. I want to kill myself very badly. Thank you.” Trump then slit his throat from ear to ear.

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