Latest Tommy Thompson Ad Reminds Me Of Richard Nixon’s 1950 Campaign

I must say the very first thought that crossed my mind when seeing the latest, and  nastiest campaign ad in the Wisconsin senate race, was the internal polling for Tommy Thompson must not look good.

The numbers must look bleak in the Republican campaign, and so everything must be thrown at the wall to see what sticks.

Then I thought of Richard Nixon using smear and fear tactics against Helen Gahagan Douglas in the 1950 California senate race.  It was one of the nastiest races up to that time.  Sadly it looks like Wisconsin will now have the ‘honor’ of being viewed in the same light.

What has happened to Tommy Thompson that he could lower himself, and his campaign to the level that we are now witnessing?  At the rate Thompson is heading it is only days before we hear the Nixon term ‘Pink Lady’ used in Wisconsin.

There is just no way to rationalize the hatchet job that Thompson commits in the TV ad aimed at Tammy Baldwin concerning a 2006 resolution honoring victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

To use the tragic events of that day for partisan gain is despicable, and below-the-belt type politics that makes most people in this state–and nation–vomit over.  It has been said over and over in this race that Thompson has changed, morphed into something other than what we knew him to be while governor.

This ad against Baldwin makes it quite clear that Thompson has transformed himself into something that is not in the mold of the Wisconsin tradition of fair politics.  The ad certainly is not honest.

What he are witnessing is the version of politics once practiced by Richard Nixon, and that does not mix well in Wisconsin.

Tommy Thompson knows full well that Baldwin supported nine resolutions honoring Sept. 11 victims and that she voted against the 2006 bill because it was as she stated through her campaign  “cynically transformed from a memorial resolution to an endorsement of President Bush’s failed policies.”

While everyone can understand a robust and vigorous campaign with lots of emotion and energy no one can countenance this ad from Thompson or the message it sends.

Tommy Thompson needs to pull the ad, and retreat from his ‘do and say’ anything strategy of winning an election.

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