GAB Correct Since Wisconsin Voter Fraud Is More About Republican Politics Than Anything Else

I so very much welcomed this news from the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.

It has been a consistent problem over the past elections when ‘election observers’ have become most irritating and harmful to the process when they see a fraudulent voter every time a brown or black person seeks to cast a ballot.  Cleary there needs to be control brought to the election process, and a green light given to the actual poll workers who do a very good job making sure elections are conducted properly in this state.

This week the GAB made the right call.

Wisconsin should applaud this ruling.

The Elections Board also made a wise decision in keeping partisan and other  election observers at least 6 feet away from poll workers. The distance is  definitely justified to avoid a circus on Election Day. GAB attorney Mike Haas  told board members that some poll observers have become intimidating and  aggressive in past elections while challenging poll worker decisions, according  to the Associated Press.

Both major political parties and other groups send observers to certain  polling places to guard against fraud and to ensure state rules are followed.  That’s fine.

But disrupting busy polling sites with nitpicky objections and flimsy  suspicions is wrong. And voters deserve some privacy when showing bank  statements and other documents that contains account numbers and personal  information.

The reality is that scant fraud has occurred at Wisconsin polling sites in  the past. And little if any is likely to occur on Nov. 6, given the high risk of  violators facing a felony change and low advantage of an extra vote or two.

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