George McGovern Able To Articulate Theology And Satirical Humor

Hat Tip To Doug

One truly warm-hearted read from Jim Wallis concerning George McGovern.

Wheaton invited both Nixon and McGovern to come. Actually, the Wheaton Student Council, which issued the invitations to both candidates, accidentally switched the letters, sending Nixon’s by mistake to McGovern. The accidental switch told McGovern that the student council had to invite his Democratic opponent, “but all of us here at Wheaton are for you Mr. President!”

Now more than four decades later, there still are some things I recall with crystal clarity from that leaders meeting and the Wheaton speaking event.

One was a question McGovern got from an aggressive professor of Christian apologetics who asked the senator how somebody who attended the liberal Garrett Theological Seminary could have an adequate view of the fallen state of human nature. McGovern surprised the evangelical leaders by giving a theologically knowledgeable and biblically balanced exegesis of the apostle Paul’s view of the human condition and then ended with a joke that broke up the house:

“So because I don’t fully subscribe to the theology of complete human depravity, and because Richard Nixon practices it, you’re going to vote for him?”

Both McGovern’s articulate theology and satirical humor impressed the group.

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