Roy Moore Wants Another Chance To Mix Being Judge With His Hateful Religion

This election, like any presidential year, is filled with more contests to follow, candidates to embrace or scorn, and initiatives to follow than time allows.  Come Election Night there will be different televisions turned on at our home, and James and I will both have our computers up and bouncing around various sites.  There is just no shortage of races and numbers to chase.  It all will be very exciting.

Such as the campaign in Alabama that I suspect many of my readers know about–at least I strongly suspect they know the central player.

The most generous thing I can offer about Roy Moore is that he is a real piece of work.

Roy Moore was elected in 2000 as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. The Alabama Court of the Judiciary removed him in 2003 for his failure to comply with a court order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building.  Lest you think this was some small item let me remind you that it weighed 5,280-pounds.

Is the story ringing a bell?

After he was kicked off the bench this ‘mental luminary’ weighed into the arena concerning gay marriage and stated, “”same-sex marriages corrupts American society.”

I suspect given Moore’s background that in another era he would have owned slaves and found a biblical basis for beating them.  That is the way with folks like Moore.

What makes Moore appear in a post on CP is that he is now thinking that he should again be chief justice, and thinks the voters might offer him another chance at mixing politics and religion which makes most level-headed people nervous.

If Moore thinks liberals do not understand the Constitution, let me assure him that his tortured reading of the Constitution and the supporting documents is mighty flawed both in terms of religion, and the right to privacy and gay marriage.

What I find most interesting is the split of opinion about Moore in Alabama from the business type Republicans, and the evangelical crowd.  It is really amusing to watch oil and water try to mix.  The mature crowd of business folks are tired of being tarred with ‘the stupid brush’ that comes from standing too close to Moore.

There is a tonic for that–vote against Moore!

What I find most galling about this man who wants to be chief justice of the court is the disdain he shows to the judiciary as a whole.

For instance, though Supreme Court has ruled on the national health care law Moore thinks the federal health mandate is still unconstitutional despite what the high court ruled.  That really is quite ballsy.

This is one race that makes Alabama look as backwards as most the nation thinks they actually are.

I can only hope they act in a responsible way on Nov 6 and work to improve their image by making Roy Moore unelectable.

One thought on “Roy Moore Wants Another Chance To Mix Being Judge With His Hateful Religion

  1. It might take a miracle to keep Moore out of the state high court. Democrats originally nominated a candidate named Harry Lyon only to discover post-primary that he’s a vicious backwater homophobe. The party rescinded its support, so there is now a third candidate on the ballot, Bob Vance. Sounds like a hot mess all around.

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