Tommy Thompson Thinks It Is OK To Fire Gay Employees

Blogging Blue has the story and video.

This is so bigoted that it needs to be aired and known by all voters in Wisconsin.

Let us make sure Thompson’s lard-loaded neck and fat backside is kicked to the ditch come Election Day.

I have had it with the homophobes, bigots, racists, and three-thumbers that make up the modern-day Republican Party.

One thought on “Tommy Thompson Thinks It Is OK To Fire Gay Employees

  1. Alinka

    Dek, I hear you.
    Imagine what kind of surreal world the last couple of months have been for us women. You covered the rape controversy (yeak, what a crazy term,Tina Fey is right. Sounds as legit as “genocide permissibility controversy” or “morality of child molestation controversy” ) wonderfully, thanks,I just felt compelled to add my amen.

    GOP seem to be looking for ways to legitimize hard violence against women. Its such a dastardly blatant move, trying to discuss it left me and my girlfriends speecheless for a few minutes yesterday, and God knows ,that never ever happens.

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