How Television Covered 1948 Presidential Election

As we ramp up to Election Day 2012 CP is going to look back at how television provided coverage of the polling results.  There is something so American about the nation converging in living rooms from coast to coast to experience the news of who will be the next leader in the White House.

The first presidential election to be covered by television was in 1948.  Not many had this new device, and the way broadcasters used it was limited.

But it was a far cry from Abraham Lincoln learning of his election with his legs outstretched at the telegraph office.

As it just so happens this segment starts in the all important state of………OHIO!

2 thoughts on “How Television Covered 1948 Presidential Election

  1. Herbert Oestreich

    My memory of the television coverage of the 1948 election is of Robert Trout being on all night in the expectation of Dewey being elected by midnight. However, I have been advised that Robert Trout was then on radio….Does anyone have any particular information to prove me wrong…I am aware of the TV -NBC showing three other commentators ….so where was Robert Trout…..

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