Democratic Candidate Cheri Bustos Failing Leadership Test Over Debt Limit

Let us at least agree on this–serious minds in Washington are needed if we are to again be at the top among nations.

But after reading the following today I am not sure even some Democrats understand this rather simple starting point.

Here is one of the bottom-line problems that is being allowed to take place in our political process today.

This nation has allowed the shallow-end of the gene pool to somehow morph the dialogue and views on issues and policies that are having a direct impact on everyone.  It ramped up with the Tea Party movement, and has now even infected the Democrats.

And there is no way to defend any of it.

Consider the following before I make more of my case.

“There isn’t a button that says ‘I’m not sure,’ ” Mr. Schilling (Republican incumbent congressman) said over coffee here recently, discussing two years of votes, many of them difficult. Those have culminated in the record Mr. Schilling is running on against a Democrat whose turn it is to rail against the dysfunction of Congress and what she believes is Mr. Schilling’s role in it.       

Mr. Schilling’s opponent, Cheri Bustos, attacked him during a recent debate concerning a vote to raise the nation’s debt ceiling that would set off huge automatic spending cuts next year.       

“I think it was a dangerous vote,” she said. “I think it was an irresponsible vote, and I think it’s time to take ownership for it.” Later, Ms. Bustos would not say whether she would vote to raise the debt ceiling if elected; that is the joy of being the challenger that Mr. Schilling knew just two years ago.

Lets get a few things straight.

Democratic candidate Cheri Bustos is failing the leadership test.

First, federal law requires Congress to authorize the government to borrow any money that is needed to pay for the programs that Congress has passed.  This has happened many, many times, and until this past session of Congress was never made into the political football that it sadly became.

Second, because of the political shenanigans from the GOP a default by the federal government was very near in 2011.  That had ramifications on our bond ratings.

Raising the debt limit was the only path forward, and anything less would have been reckless and irresponsible.  To his credit Schilling supported the agreement to raise the debt limit because he did not want to risk seeing the federal government default.

That was the only path to proceed on.

Having said that it is truly unsettling to read the words from Democratic congressional candidate Bustos making the same type of ludicrous statements that were soundly rejected when they came from the mouths of so many  teabaggers in 2011.

I for one am perplexed as to why there seems to be a need from some Democrats to trot out the same horse-rot that the most base of society offered as political dialogue in 2011.  If Bustos is only interested in her local Rock Island Arsenal then she is not prepared to sign onto the job as a member of congress who has duties with national implications!

Ms Bustos must know full well the severe reverberations when playing politics with the debt limit.

If she does not, or worse does not care, then she does not deserve to be elected.

Let me say it again….serious minds in Washington are needed if we are to again be at the top.

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