Hurricane Sandy Will Help President Obama In Election

I love a big old storm as it is exciting, and since I always wanted to be a meteorologist follow with interest anytime a monster weather system impacts the nation.

Such is the case this weekend, and for the days to come.

Part of the energy that excites me about major weather systems is the news reporting aspect when networks turn their resources to the low pressure system, and newspapers frame the front page to the coverage.

That is how it works as people are interested, and concerned about such events.  And this storm has the potential for real drama since the storm could be bigger than the worst East Coast storm on record.  Since I made a point of adding a sentence in cases like this…better add that  the 1938 New England hurricane known as the Long Island Express, which killed nearly 800 people was the most deadly.

But what happens to other major events, such as a presidential election, when a monster storm is about to impact over 50 million Americans?

It is my opinion that President Obama will have the political advantage as a result of the weather, and the reporting.

First, the President will have the power of government to move resources and frame the emotional response from the nation to those impacted.

Second, and equally important in my estimation, the news coverage will freeze or solidify the presidential race in place.  There is a clear, slim, but all important statistical lead for President Obama in the swing states, and if the race comes to stalling point for even 48 hours at this stage it will have a very huge impact.  That works against Mitt Romney.

Therefore, let the winds howl.

It is a fascinating storm to follow.

It very well may allow for political consequences that are best for the nation.

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