Note To Green Bay Bishop David Ricken: We Have A Secular Government

After reading the words from Green Bay Bishop David Ricken there is better understanding why more Catholic church pews are vacant, and younger people are turning away.

Bishop David Ricken wrote in a letter to his parishioners that voting for candidates who support what he calls “intrinsically evil” positions, such as abortion and gay marriage, could “put your own soul in jeopardy.”

Stern words for sure, but surely better suited for a theocracy than the republic we live in.  One could never take these words seriously from any source but surely not from a male dominated church where news reports from around the world show fingering little boys is as much a part of the rituals as kissing rings and collecting relics from the saints.

Lets get real, Mr. Ricken.

We have a secular government, and as hard as you try to bend the rules you need to be mindful that your tax exempt status should not be treated so lightly.   When you try to shape policy and influence elections you stray from the law as shaped in the U.S. tax code.  You told your followers how to vote, withholding the actual names of the candidates only to seem innocent.

Shame on you!

Furthermore, Mr. Ricken why is your church so interested in the sex lives of gay men and lesbian women?  I was talking with a former catholic who was telling the most amusing stories about how his local priest tried to convince normal boys that masturbation was wrong and would send them to hell.


Hell must be very large, indeed.  And filled with teenage boys.

Now you take it upon yourself to enter the political arena and offer your opinions about gay marriage as it relates to the presidential election and other political races.  Since you can not marry or masturbate you must be one tense little man.

Instead of offering your views that will be placed on the ash pile of history alongside such wonders as the crusades and the infallibility of the pope why not work for the inclusion of all and the larger goals that God laid out for us all in the Bible.

You might also do a little reading about your church and get caught up on the number of popes who had wives, mistresses and children.  A real view of the world might do you wonders.

In the meantime please stop undermining the efforts many of my fellow gay citizens–with healthy and normal sex lives–are striving for by working to secure full civil rights.

3 thoughts on “Note To Green Bay Bishop David Ricken: We Have A Secular Government

  1. Dairy Queen

    Tuesday night on the UW-Madison campus, students will told to vote against Obama if they care about religious liberty – announced at Mass at St. Paul’s campus chapel on the weekend.

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