Wisconsin To Be Impacted By Hurricane Sandy

As the clouds churn on the East Coast….

…Post-tropical cyclone Sandy to generate strong winds in eastern Wisconsin
this week… Wisconsin is expected to be on the western edge of powerful Post-
tropical cyclone Sandy the next few days. Winds over eastern Wisconsin will be
on the increase today and tonight as the storm slams into the mid-Atlantic
coastline. Strong winds will continue Tuesday through Wednesday as the storm
slowly tracks through the eastern United States. A Wind Advisory has already
been posted for the Door Peninsula…where gusts around 50 mph are possible.
There is more uncertainty concerning how strong winds will become across the
rest of eastern Wisconsin…including along the remainder of the Lakeshore…in
the Fox Valley…and at locations adjacent to the Bay of Green Bay. The current
forecast calls for gusts of 40 to 45 mph in these areas. If later data continue
to support winds at least this strong…the Wind Advisory may need to be
expanded into these areas as well. The strongest winds are expected to occur
Tuesday and Tuesday night. The winds will make driving high profile vehicles
difficult. They could also result in isolated power outages…though this threat
will be mitigated somewhat by most trees having lost their leaves.

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