‘Personhood’ Will Not Get Prime Time At Supreme Court

The silly season for conservatives continues with the push for ‘personhood’.

That may be how the mentally dis-located spend their time in Oklahoma but it will not be the way the Supreme Court will spend their time.  And for good reason.

Of all the nutty ideas to emerge in this nation, ‘personhood’ ranks up their with ‘huffing’.

There is a continual drift to the right for some that has so removed them from normal society that they have nowhere else to go but right over the side of the cliff.

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to  take up a lawsuit over an Oklahoma “personhood” amendment that sought to grant  state constitutional protections to human embryos starting at conception, but  pro-life advocates say the issue is far from over.

“We have 40,000 volunteers in Oklahoma who are ready to try again,” said Jennifer Mason, communications director of  Personhood USA.

Opponents, however, said the high  court’s decision not to consider Personhood Oklahoma v. Barber was just the  latest dismissal of measures seeking to give rights and protections to embryos  and fetuses.

“Today’s rejection by the highest court  in the nation is yet another resounding message to the opponents of reproductive  freedom that such extremist assaults on our fundamental rights will not stand,” said Nancy Northup, president and chief  executive of the Center for  Reproductive Rights (CRR), which was one of  several groups that successfully blocked a petition drive for the personhood  amendment in court earlier this year.

In April, the Oklahoma Supreme  Court ruled unanimously that the proposed personhood amendment was “clearly  unconstitutional” under both state and U.S. constitutions.

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