Louisiana To Vote On Becoming Even More Gun Crazy

There is a ballot initiative in Louisiana that is so crazy that it deserves some attention on a Wisconsin blog.

Louisiana is not known for its cerebral approach to many issues, but this one regarding guns is truly absurd.

In a nutshell the state legislature proposed a constitutional amendment that any law
restricting the right to keep and bear arms would be “subject to strict
scrutiny,” meaning any attempt to restrict gun laws would become more difficult
and that it could be nearly impossible to prohibit concealed carry.

So, if a child care center did not want to have some gun-toting fool entering their operation they would have no ability under this proposal from preventing it.

To play to the three-thumb crowd Louisiana Governor Jindal has said this matter is so grave that the Second Amendment “hangs in the balance.”  Might not clean water and better schools be more important to a state that in some case resembles the land that time forgot.

What in hell is wrong with people, especially conservatives who tout local control and then want to restrict the rights of business people from safeguarding their clients and customers from gun violence?

So prepare to have college kids armed and packing heat in the classrooms, because there is nothing that will prevent that from happening if this proposal passes next Tuesday.

While proponents of this measure would snort at the perspective I have for the liberal nature of how this proposal will work, concerned citizens in Louisiana understand fully that the threat exists to make the concealed law resemble Swiss cheese.

Privately it seems that some gun owners are concerned too, as they fear someone who is challenged in say, a classroom, over a gun will file a lawsuit and then perhaps a restriction will be placed by a court  for a much higher standard of scrutiny over the whole issue.

There are enough guns in Louisiana, and enough deaths from them.

Lets hope sanity takes hold and somehow this proposal fails.

However, given this balloting is taking place in Louisiana there is a better chance that America first elects Mitt Romney to the White House.

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