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Breaking News: Last Political Ad To Air In Madison

November 6, 2012

I am not making this up as a news story.

It was reported this morning on the Isthmus Daily Page concerning the election that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel.

Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that the final political ad to air on WMTV is
scheduled for 4:28 PM. But the day is young.

The message was sent from WMTV Engineering.

I am sure everyone will agree that this election cycle in Wisconsin has been the most offensive and nasty of any that we have witnessed.  There have been more ads that ripped and smeared political opponents than ever before.

The facts are staggering to read.

By the end, the campaigns and independent groups will have spent about $1.1 billion on television advertising this year, with $750 million already allocated in the handful of states likely to determine the outcome of the contest.

Wisconsin was one of those targeted states.

A report last week by the Wesleyan Media Project said the  Wisconsin Senate race saw the second-highest total of commercial television ads  among all Senate races during the first three weeks of October. There were  17,906 in all: 9,780 for Baldwin, 8,126 for Thompson. According to Kantar Media CMAG as reported on JSOnline, 99  percent have been negative.

Nothing was learned about the candidates along the way forom the ads, but I know we all have stronger thumbs as a result of changing channels when the slime started oozing.

I love politics, but deplore the ads as they never seek to elevate the discussion, but only are aimed at reducing the favorable numbers for the opponent.

What an awful way to run for office, or show leadership abilities.

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