Look At The 512 Paths To The White House As America Votes

This is just most amazing to see broken down and presented this way.

Take an interactive trip with Nate Silver to getting the needed 270 electorial votes.  It should be noted that President Obama has 512 routes to the needed electoral college votes, and Mitt Romney has 76 ways to win.

For instance, if Mr. Romney loses Florida, he has only one way to victory: through all the other battleground states. He has led most polls there, however, and is the favorite. If Mr. Romney wins Florida, he has 75 paths open to him.

But consider this, of the three largest battleground states, Mr. Obama has the largest lead in Ohio – partly because of a strong local economy and the auto industry bailout. If he loses here, it’s likely he will trail in Florida and North Carolina too. Losing all three leaves him with only 14 ways to win.

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