Did Tommy Thompson Show Affection For His Wife During Concession Speech, Mark Pocan Kissed His Gay Spouse

It was a most unusual night for those of us who not only watched the election returns roll in last night, but also waited for and enjoyed the speeches from the candidates that followed.

But what struck me most last night was the body language from two of the candidates who took the stage in Wisconsin.

Tommy Thompson who was soundly defeated in his bid for the U.S. Senate  looked totally perplexed over how the end had come.  As he was introduced he licked his lips over and over and seemed most uncomfortable.  That is understandable as it was his first defeat after many decades in the political arena.  Not for the first time do I mention in relation to Thompson that some politicians just do not know when to leave the arena.

What struck me, however,  was the emotional distance that Thompson’s wife stood from her husband, and he from her.  Frankly I thought she looked somewhat bored with the whole affair.  There was no holding hands, or even bumping shoulders and thereby sharing the experience in some emotional way.  For the way they interacted on stage she could have been just another campaign volunteer.

When Thompson made his remarks the throw away line about his wife lacked any warmth, and it seemed at a time like this when he was really being kicked out of the political arena he might have had some loving words to say about the spouse who had stayed with him all these many elections.

But that is just the way this ‘Alan Alda’ type blogger views the world.

Or is it?

Meanwhile openly gay congressman-elect from Madison Mark Pocan who replaces openly gay congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (who up until two years ago lived six houses down from me and is now the first woman senator from Wisconsin, and the first openly gay member of that body) kissed his partner on the lips on the stage during the election night speech.

On stage, Pocan introduced his mother and brother in the audience, then  kissed his partner of 10 years, Phil Frank, who stood next to him on stage.  “He’s been a rock,” Pocan said of Frank, whom he married in Canada in 2006.

The kiss was on the lips — “a real one,” Frank joked later.

Maybe Thompson just needs some advice from gay couples concerning how to rekindle a relationship and be closer with the one that brought you to the dance.  Or the center stage of an election night gathering.

One thought on “Did Tommy Thompson Show Affection For His Wife During Concession Speech, Mark Pocan Kissed His Gay Spouse

  1. I think Tommy looked more befuddled than anything. The reason does not need to be anything other than aging. Whichever reason, it doesn’t make for good representation for our state.

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