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Why I Am Glad President Obama Won Re-Election

November 7, 2012

There are many policy items that can be listed as reasons why the re-election of President Obama was needed, and is best for the nation.   Issues related to securing fairness in budgeting, increasing the number of teachers, making the rich pay their fair share, and holding tough with terrorists all come under the policy column as to why this president matters.

But for me there is another reason I am very pleased with his re-election.  One that does not fall into some policy binder.  Instead this reason speaks to the very kind of people we are in this nation.

After President Obama took to the stage in Chicago and addressed the nation I needed to unwind, as did James.  So we took a walk through our neighborhood.  As we had done all night with friends the conversation continued about the election.

I spoke about the deep resentment I hold for those who over the last four years have used the time to continually attempt to delegitimize President Obama.

Over the past years I have been truly dismayed and upset with those who use and question President Obama’s religious beliefs in an effort to make it appear that he is ‘not one of us’.  I  have listened to those who question how Barack Obama was able to get into Harvard Law School.  When I throw back in conversations that Obama was the first black president of the prestigious Harvard Law Review, and that does not come by any means except being highly intelligent with an exceptional range of skills I am met with the same feeble attempts to undermine the president.

During the now concluded campaign Mitt Romney made birther jokes, and never failed to use the word “foreign” when talking about the values of the president.  There was a continual attempt to use code words, and dog whistles to try and convey the message that the man in the White House is not just like you and me.

Conservatives have spent the past four years revolving around the echo chamber of right-wing radio during the day and FAUX News programming at night.  From Rush Limbaugh during the noon hour to Glenn Beck and Shawn Hannity at night the drumbeat of crazy talk, and either overt or implied racism with the added deplorable touch of ‘he is not American’ ran rampant.

It is galling.

These people who espouse such rot had to be pushed back into the box and the lid closed.  The racial attempt to undermine an elected president, and deny him a second term had to be squashed.  To have allowed for the 24/7 smear job against President Obama to succeed would have been a stain on history that would take generations to resolve.

I sat in true amazement several weeks ago as an elderly woman who professes deep faith said that if Obama was re-elected America was in her final days.  She lives in a rural area and is being fed a line of nonsense over and over through the conservative echo chamber, that if said over and over long enough, starts to make ‘sense’ to some people.  A whole cottage industry devoted to destroying Obama worked 24/7 to make him a failed president, and a one-term president.


With the news Ohio was projected to be won by President Obama a cheer went up from this home that was surely heard for blocks around.  But the smiles and contentment was for far more than policy goals which I am interested in.

The win last night for President Obama was a statement that the underhanded and despicable behavior that too many conservatives have used these past four years is not in vogue with the voters who truly do understand what it means to be an American.

President Obama won re-election last night.

But America won too.

  1. Bonnie Claudia permalink
    November 8, 2012 9:22 AM

    I’m proud of you for being level-headed. Thank God!

  2. Solly permalink
    November 7, 2012 11:34 PM

    Sorry to be the voice of dissent to your dissent rjr, but under the Paul Ryan budget, which Mittens endorsed lock, stock and barrel, the debt and deficit would be exactly the same for more than the next four years as doing nothing different than the present policies/rate. That’s the dirty little secret of the Romney/Ryan campaign. The real fun was in the repugnant primary debate when the question was asked, if presented with a deal that would call for $10 in spending cuts for every $1 in taxes, all 9 or 10 of the repugnant dwarves said they would reject that deal, including Mr. Business, Mittens. Isn’t it funny that the repugnants turned down a deal from the President and Paul Ryan instead voted for and hailed the plan for a super-committee to come up with a deficit cutting deal and if that failed, sequestration in 2013, then backed away from it in the campaign. Isn’t it funny that all we hear from the repugnants is that government doesn’t create jobs and government spending is bad, but now they say that sequestration is bad because cutting government spending will cut defense industry jobs and harm the economy. To their credit, at least 50% of the voters didn’t buy it.

  3. rjr0007 permalink
    November 7, 2012 5:39 PM

    Sorry to be the voice of dissent, but America lost last night. In another four years we’ll have a national debt of $20 trillion-plus and what happens when interest rates finally rise and more and more of the country’s tax revenue goes for debt service? That’s when the “real fun” will begin.

  4. CommonCents permalink
    November 7, 2012 3:55 PM

    Rush on the air today – also Priceless.

  5. Solly permalink
    November 7, 2012 2:24 PM

    Picture of Karl Rove, after his PAC spent hundreds of millions of dollars, sputtering and complaining about FOX NEWS calling Ohio for Obama with not all returns in, and the news anchors being defensive to him, PRICELESS!!!!

  6. November 7, 2012 12:36 PM

    Well said!

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