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Karl Rove Proves FOX News Is Really FAUX News

November 8, 2012

What took place Tuesday night on Fox News makes the point why most of us refer to the network as FAUX News.

Over the years the network has combined presidential wannabes, failed vice-presidential wannabes, Republican court jesters, and large monied operatives all under the guise of ‘fair and balanced’ reporting.


Tuesday night was a complete joke for FAUX News.  Those of us who normally do not watch the network turned in to see salt ground into the wound as they had to really report the news that President Obama had won a second term.

But even with facts staring them in the face they had to try to spin away the math.

It led to many questions being asked.

What role was Karl Rove playing when he heatedly contradicted Fox News?       

Was he acting as the man who oversaw the most expensive advertising assault on a sitting president in history, unable to face his own wounded pride? The fund-raiser who had persuaded wealthy conservatives to give hundreds of millions of dollars and now had a lot of explaining to do? Or the former political strategist for George W. Bush, who saw firsthand how a botched network call could alter the course of a presidential contest?

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