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Liberalism Is Alive, Popular, And Making Inroads Across America

November 8, 2012

In 2008 I remarked on this blog that the election of President Obama was a transformative election.  I noted that the political dynamics had changed, and that the results of 2008 would have ramifications with the alignment of politics.

With the results of the balloting on Tuesday there is no doubt that is indeed the case.  With women and especially single women, Hispanics, African-Americans, urban voters, the young, and the higher educated there is a strong center for Democratic candidates to secure political victories.

The GOP continues to nominate national candidates that are not modeled for the changing demographics of the country, and conservatives are not addressing the needs of the electorate.  In fact, conservatives seem to go out of their way to irritate and anger voters.

Lets be honest and state the obvious.  The GOP no longer fits the modern electorate, and seems unable or unwilling to make any moves to address their problems.  The again allowed the Tea Party to drag them under the water and drown any chance they had at winning major races.

I have long argued the reasons the Republican Party needs to be more inclusive, and stated the best pick for the VP slot this year was Senator Marco Rubio.  I bet there are many in the GOP wishing they had done that very thing. Had Rubio been on the ticket Florida would have landed in the Romney camp, and 4 or 5 points among Hispanics could have been shaved from the national Democrats, and that could have made a signficant change on Election Night.

President Obama picked up 332 electoral votes in a year that we were all led to believe that the anger at the White House was so intense that any Republican could win.   We were told that the U.S. Senate would be easy picking for the Republicans, as the issues that confront the nation would be better able to be handled by the party of big business.

In the end of course every Democratic incumbent won re-election, and the party gained Republican-held seats in Massachusetts and Indiana, and lost one seat in Nebraska.

On Tuesday liberals scored, and did so on a broad playing field.

In Wisconsin, as an example, Tammy Baldwin won election.  I was very surprised to see the result, ( I had predicted she would lose) but heartened beyond words when she won.  The fact she is a real and true liberal, and now will be the first female senator from this state, and the first openly gay member of the senate (though there are two others there) is a tremendous moment for liberals in this nation.

Meanwhile gay rights, a continuing theme on Caffeinated Politics, made great and important strides on Election Day.

Voters in Maine, Maryland and Washington voted to legally recognize same-sex marriage, and it vitally important as it marks first time gay marriage was legalized by popular vote.   In neighboring Minnesota a ballot measure was defeated that would have defined marriage as between one man and one woman.

It was a great night for civil rights, and equality.  It was more evidence that liberalism is very much alive, and on the march.

There are many who want that transformative election thinking from 2008 to be wrong, but the facts that played out Tuesday show that President Obama and the liberal base of the party is indeed very much not only the present, but based on the trends and demographics, very much the future of this nation.

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