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Prediction For 2012 Time Person Of The Year–Not Who You Might Think

November 14, 2012

It is that time again to weigh in on the person who I think will grace the cover of the final edition of Time for this year.   Who will be the Person Of The Year?

It might seem that President Obama would be the logical choice for this honor, due to the fact he won re-election in a most highly frayed and partisan electorate.  His political feat is the stuff for magazine covers.

But I predict another face will dominate the cover.

There has been a major change in the world over the past couple of years as people work to reclaim their political future.  From Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Afghanistan there has been a new and powerful energy shown to the world about what principle, hope, faith, and conviction represents.  The dynamics that are emerging and aligning themselves into political operations and governments is most amazing to watch.

People are no longer interested in being dominated by a despot, they want a seat at the table of government.  No longer are the old and outdated cultural barriers the standard by which new generations wish to abide.  Those who bastardize Islam for political purposes and foul deeds are finding growing resistance.

None has made that point more clear than that of a young Afghan.

Therefore, I predict that Malala Yousufzai will be Time’s 2012 Person Of The Year.  She was shot by Taliban gunmen for advocating girls’ education.   I predict the magazine will use her story to tell the larger one that is moving many nations into a new direction.

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