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Ken Burns To Tackle Classic County Music In New Documentary

December 3, 2012

There is so much to admire and respect when it comes to the talents of Ken Burns.  Just a couple of weeks ago the nation was enjoying his project on the Dust Bowl.

Now comes word that a major project is underway where classic county music will be featured in his new documentary.  I need to underscore this will feature the all-important roots of country music, and not deal with the new stars that blur the lines, and miss the feel of classic country.

Filmmaker Ken Burns is hard at work on a documentary on country music according to his partner, Dayton R. Duncan, reports the Tennessean. According to Duncan, Little Jimmy Dickens and legendary musician/producer Harold Bradley have both been interviewed for the project.

“We’ve done films about uniquely American ideas and things that help tell us who we are as Americans — baseball and national parks and jazz, and essential American icons like Mark Twain and Lewis & Clark,” he said. “Country music really combines both of those things. It’s uniquely American. It’s an American art form that helps you understand what America is.”

According to Duncan, the country music documentary will likely take about five years to make. Don’t expect stars like Garth Brooks or Taylor Swift to be featured, though. “You’ve got to have an arm’s length of time for it to be history, and that’s usually about a generation,” he said. “It’s history we’re telling and not what’s happening today.”


  1. PattiLynn_ permalink
    December 3, 2012 7:57 PM

    5 yrs? wow! It sounds promising, hope it’s well publicized cuz 5 yrs is way too long to remember to be lookin’ for it. lol.

    Ummm, I like Taylor Swift. Okay, she’s not corn-pone country, but she’s country ’nuff for me.


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