Keep Eyes On Speaker Boehner

I think Speaker Boehner is becoming a man.

There has been a great deal of chatter about the actions that Speaker Boehner took yesterday.

For all the political theatre that is coming from the GOP side of the aisle, Boehner knows who won the election, and just as important, who lost.

It is my theory that Boehner is putting out all the statements that he politically needs to in an effort to put a face on the conservative agenda, knowing that in the end the White House holds all the cards and will be the one to make the final deal on the fiscal plan.  Being grounded in reality is very important, and someone in the leadership of the GOP must be a grown-up.

While the public side of the speaker is tough on the Democrats, the private side against the teabaggers who scorned him and made his life hell the last two years is taking a turn.   It is because of this news that everyone can rest easier about securing a final deal before the end of the year.  Speaker Boehner is growing up, and taking charge.  The White House might have a GOP partner they can finally work with.

The confidence that Boehner has in his own ability to get a deal, and then get it through the House, was on display with the other fireworks that came out of the leadership yesterday. The speaker’s almost-unprecedented move to take away top-tier committee seats from four iconoclastic and obstreperous conservatives in his caucus — Dave Schweikert of Arizona, Walter Jones of North Carolina, Justin Amash of Michigan and Tim Huelskamp of Kansas — was an assertive “I’m in charge” power play that he never would have carried out in the past two years. That he’s doing so now, and further poking the conservative advocacy groups in the eye, is a sign that he’s confident he can get away with enforcing a whole lot more discipline in the coming two years, starting with the votes to do what it takes legislatively to carry out a fiscal cliff deal.

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