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Ronald And Dolores Disher Social Security Scam Update

December 13, 2012

When last we heard from the pair….

…and if you want some background

…for Pete’s Sake this story even made Huffington Post!

What everyone wants to know, of course, are the locations of ‘the loved ones’, Marie Jost and her son.  DNA testing continues…..


Charles T. Jost in Portage County Court

One of the three family members accused of cashing a missing woman’s Social Security checks was in court today, but little was accomplished.

Husband and wife Ronald and Dolores Disher, and her brother Charles Jost were supposed to have pretrial conferences Monday morning in Portage County.

Defense attorney Troy Nielson told the court that during the discovery phase of Mr. Jost’s case, he learned that one of the state’s witnesses is also represented by his office. Judge Thomas Flugaur allowed Nielson to withdraw from the case. A new pretrial hearing was set for January 2nd, allowing time to find Mr. Jost a different attorney.

Prosecutor Veronica Isherwood says the hearings for Ronald and Dolores Disher will also be rescheduled do to a situation with that witness, but did not give specific details.

Investigators believe the three are involved in illegally cashing about 175-thousand dollars worth of Marie Jost’s Social Security checks from 1980 until earlier this year.

Marie Jost is Charles and Dolores’ mother, and would be 101 years old if alive.

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