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NRA Should Have Noses Rubbed In Mess On Floor Of Newtown Elementary School

December 14, 2012

Let me be direct.

What the **** is going on in this country?

Are we reverting to the old west where colleges campuses, our public spaces, and now even an elementary school are the places where the NRA are to be allowed to play politics to the point that 20 kindergarten kids are shot to death?  Are the rational people in this nation with education going to continue to allow the NRA to run things so that anyone can arm themselves to the teeth with unlimited guns and rounds of ammunition so to wreak mayhem and death?

The NRA is one of the most powerful lobbying groups in this nation.  As such today the NRA has to address the slaughter that took place in  Newtown, Connecticut.

But really, what can they say?

The bullshit response of ‘guns don’t kill, people kill’ gags the nation like rotten eggs left in a car in mid-July.   Only the most severely uneducated rube or overly blind partisan would ever make such a claim.

I think the top lobbyists and promoters of the NRA should be taken to Newtown and once the bodies of the victims are removed have their noses rubbed in the mess that remains on the floor of the school.  Let them smell the results of the deranged policies they advocate.

Make those same NRA leaders attend every single funeral for the small children who will not open any presents under this year’s Christmas tree.

Let the NRA explain to the locals of Newtown about why gun-interests are more important than the national interest.

Better yet perhaps someone from the NRA brain trust might suggest why this all could have been avoided today had the kids in Connecticut been armed.

There is a great need in this nation to no longer allow the tail to wag the dog when it comes to gun control measures.   There was a blood-letting today that will make the headlines, but the NRA is counting on most Americans to forget this horrible story by the time Sunday football starts.  The NRA will not be mentioned again until another mass shooting.

And on and on it goes.

The NRA will continue to torpedo gun control legislation, and threaten politicians.  The NRA will use the brain-dead who repeat the crap they spew to bluster on right-wing media.

Winter will turn to spring.  2013 will turn to 2014.

More guns will continue to be sold, countless rounds of ammunition will be bought.

Untold amounts will be fired.

And we all know that some of those will be fired into innocent kids, like which happened today.

We need to find our balls on this issue and stand up and demand from our legislators that they also find theirs.

The NRA needs to know they are no longer in charge.

Our nation is too important to allow the games the NRA plays to continue.

If you think I am wrong talk to a parent of a dead child in Newtown.

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  1. December 19, 2012 6:49 PM


    From your comment I can rest assured of a few things.

    You can not explain the meaning and intent of the second amendment. It stipulates that as part of a well regulated militia, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be abridged. It does not say that all men are created equal with the right to own any weapons that they choose and to use them as their spirit directs. If one reads the second amendment and is familiar with a long debate about whether this country should support a standing army or should rely upon militias to protect the nation some context regarding the second amendment seems to become sensible. At the start of the 19th century most Americans did not want to fund armies and navies, they wanted to rely upon militias. By the end of that century, we understood that militias could not protect the country, that standing armies and navies were indepensible. There is no reason that localities should not be able to restrict criminals and irresponsible people from possessing weapons, nor to limit where and when people may carry arms in public, all being covered under the well regulated militia stipulation. If the language of the amendment has been interpreted too loosely to enable firearms to be possessed irregardless of the reference to well regulated militia, then may be we need to amend the Constitution, again.

    You seem to grab the shit the NRA passes out to say, but really are not dealing with the issues that confront us at this time, and which we are going to deal with legislatively.

  2. Ron Salyer permalink
    December 19, 2012 1:27 PM

    Outlaw guns, that will stop idiots from killing. not Outlaw alcohol did that work/ Outlaw Marijuana did that work? Deter crime by hanging murderers? it works. Deter crime thru fear of being shot? it works. It is like the bully, he doesn’t want a fight just an easy win. get real. All my guns must be defective they haven’t shot anybody. It must be the operator! That is the problem, you want to control the world and you can’t. I don’t trust our government to watch over my every move or your every move. Insure we are all unarmed and it is an easy mark for a criminal, or worse a corrupt government.

  3. December 17, 2012 1:11 AM

    For those of you on this post who are trying to make me feel bad, ashamed, stupid or whatever else….save it, you are wasting your time.. I spent my entire life in public service, law enforcement public service, and listened to the like of you blather on and on about gun control… I can only remember 3 or 4 people in 27 years that ever got on a soap box over doing something for the mentally ill. If you would all just take deep breath, and then any one of you – not Deekrivers, he has tried repeatedly and failed – explain to me how you can blame a tool (gun) for the workings of a crazy mind. And whoever it was that says a murder can’t throw as many knives and baseball bats as bullets – I don’t know about throwing baseball bats, but I think somebody much larger than the victims could take out a bunch of them before being stopped. but I sent dekerivers an article about a deranged man in China slashing up a roomful of school kids…but he didn’t post that… Hmmmm..

    Oh, and I notice that you chose to ignore my comment about gasoline…. Have you ever been in a confined space combined with a quart of flaming gasoline? I didn’t think so – sit down and shut up… I’m not going to spend a lot of time tonight trying to present any facts to you folks – you don’t want to be confused by facts because your mind is already made up, and far be it for me to confuse you any more than you are.

    Let me thank Dale for his well reasoned comments – some of you would do well to think things through as he obviously did, before you go all bat-shit crazy with your talking points… And deekrivers, some of what you wrote about your wonderful solutions (like codeing bullets – do you really believe that can logically be done) sound like some countries that you wouldn’t want to live in – why would you wish that on the U.S.

    I agree with others that have stated that if the media would stop the publicity for the whack jobs that are perpetrating these terrible crimes, it would help a lot. The killers name should never be identified… And the media should tell us about it a time or two, and then sit down and shut up…They were playing Columbine material tonight – to what end pray tell???

    I guess I won’t mention the Concealed carry gut that shut down a mall shooting – your host has that info too…

    At least the president didn’t directly blame the NRA in his speech tonight – at least as long as I could stand to listen… Enough already !!!! You all have a good night, I’ve got to go clean a couple of my guns….


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