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Milt Rosenberg Lifted The Intellect Of Radio, Will Leave WGN Radio After 40 Years On-Air

December 17, 2012


One did not always need to agree with Milt Rosenberg to enjoy his amazing intellect and professionalism over the decades on WGN radio.   I often found his political musings more conservative than my own, but if was hard not to listen and be engaged with his point of view.  I think many agree when I write that varying sides of  an argument can be stimulating when presented without rancor, and that is how Rosenberg handled his show.

Sadly, “Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg,” will come to an end this week.  Rosenberg is a prominent social psychologist who was professor of psychology at the University of Chicago.

What I loved most about Rosenberg were the authors that he would have on-air, along with the large-themed hours about the role of religion in our life, or the ways to increase civic responsibility.

There was a serious mind, and a talented conversationalist behind the microphone when Rosenberg was on the air.  The fact is he made listeners smarter, and in the end care more about a whole host of issues and topics.  When that happens it makes radio the best at what it can be.  As such I applaud Rosenberg for his committment to his show for three decades.

Too often radio plays to the lowest common denominator, but Rosenberg proved that if the standards are high people will listen, and come back for more.


I am sure there were other eclectic listeners who tuned in over the years who also feel this was how radio was meant to be, and among them one or two who will find a radio studio to call home.  If that is the legacy of Rosenberg than he will live on over the airwaves.

The hours that Milt Rosenberg filled at WGN will be go to someone  else, but the offering will not nearly be as erudite.

WGN lost a real slice of the best of radio with the departure of Rosenberg.

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  1. fnn permalink
    December 23, 2012 10:12 AM

    Ext. 720 Archives are already gone. What a low class operation WGN has become.

  2. Harold Takashi permalink
    December 22, 2012 7:19 PM

    I’ve listened to the great Milt Rosenberg for at least 25 years and will miss his wit and wisdom. My son has been listening to Mr. Rosenberg since the tender age of ten and is now 31! How we used to look forward to “Extension 720”.
    Raising the intellectual tenor of media in general, Mr. Rosenberg introduced his listeners to new ideas and concepts many people would never has access to but through his highly entertaining, intelligent and thought provoking radio show.
    Losing Steve and Johnnie at night, John Williams, and now Milt Rosenberg- what’s the point of listening to WGN? All they have left is Garry Meier!
    Well, maybe they’ll consider bringing some radio shows like the BBC has such as “After Henry” or any of the great BBC voice-acting radio shows.

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