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“Lincoln” Lifts Movie Making To Oscar Level

December 18, 2012

On Monday James and I saw what will be the Best Picture Of The Year when the Academy Awards are handed out early next year.  Lincoln shined in so many ways, and proved to be a most fulfilling movie-going experience.

It was also uplifting to see political courage front and center as President Lincoln held firm to his convictions.


We took in the film in the early afternoon so had no throngs breathing down our necks.  In fact, James and I were the youngest folks in the theatre, and I must say that is not something I get to say every time I see a movie.  With a slight interruption in the film part way through which was promptly corrected, and did not allow for any of the movie to be missed, patrons were offered a free movie pass upon leaving the theatre.  I really appreciated the customer service at Point Cinema.

Lincoln is just one very fine example of what Hollywood can do when the most creative elements join to create film magic.

I do not make comments about movies lightly, as James knows I can be a bit of a movie snob.  But when it comes to this film which was based in part on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Team Of Rivals there is little room for other movies this year to garner the top awards.

I felt the acting of Daniel Day-Lewis was superb as he seemed to fill the shoes of President Lincoln as if he perhaps had actually known the man.  It was as if Lincoln were alive, and that is why the movie has such power.  There have already been so many warm offerings for Lewis’ work that I can post nothing new here on my blog.  Except to add my thanks, and the assurance that Lewis will receive the award for Best Actor.

The direction and production of the film allowed for the many sides of Lincoln to come to life as the larger story of the passing of the 13th Amendment was told.

There was Lincoln bending down on his knees to stoke the fireplace in the White House.  He laid down alongside his sleeping son on the floor, and looked at a book with Tad while seated in a rocking chair.  He walked wrapped in a shawl to be warmed in the drafty White House, and while looking tired and stressed was still telling the stories and yarns that made for comfort and ease when times were tense.

The Lincoln I have read about since childhood came to life on the big screen in ways that no one could have imagined.  This project is one that every movie fan, and history buff needs to see on the big screen.  Without doubt Best Director will be handed to Steven Spielberg.

The intense close-ups and dramatic visual tautness to the film made the reality of what was happening in Washington at the close of the Civil War so much more crisp and defining for those who know how the amendment story ends.  The fact that Lewis was able to portray the tension Lincoln felt with such emotion and perspective  is what makes the whole production so dramatic.

Other awards that I feel most comfortable in predicting is best supporting actor for Tommy Lee  Jones as his portrayal of  fervent abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens is pitch perfect.  I am also giving the makeup, set designs, costumes, and sound effects awards to Lincoln.  

It should be noted the Chicago Symphony Orchestra performed the music for the film, making this film a true cinematic joy.

This is one not to miss!

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  1. Solly permalink
    December 19, 2012 12:09 AM

    As a member of the Academy, I will be voting for Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Killer for best pitcher, and Tyler Perry for “Madea’s Witness Protection,” altho since he plays it in drag I’m not sure which category.

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