Advice On Dealing With A Blizzard

I like the words from former Mayor Dave.

It’s December in Wisconsin. Pour another cup of coffee, grab a good book, put on some music. And deal with it.

One thought on “Advice On Dealing With A Blizzard

  1. Solly

    Gee eX-Mayor Davey, it was THAT supercilious attytood that put the eX in front of your title. I remember sitting in traffic for four hours to get from Hill Farms to Downtown 36 hours after a December storm after taking (and wasting) 3 hours of vacation to leave early so I’d miss the clusterfvck that is Madison during rush hour. And then getting to the top of East Wash for the next 4 miles and seeing a sea of brake lights as far as you could see. Ha Ha. We don’t need no stinkin’ salt when it would help. Don’t know why I didn’t think to bring a thermos of coffee and a book in my 4 wheel drive truck, but you know what, when there’s a thousand cars stuck in front of you, 4 wheel drive doesn’t help. (Now, a monster truck, that could drive on top of the cars would help). But I’m sooooo glad the citizens of Madison could facilitate your having nothing to do on a snowy day. Maybe there is a God.

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