Saturday Song: Minnie Pearl (With Grandpa Jones)

For the final weekend of 2012 I wanted to add something special to the Saturday Song feature.  This part of blogging always makes me smile, and from time to time actually produces some numbers here on the blog.  Mostly I go for the smiles as the only reason something lands on CP, as is the case today.

The stage of the Grand Ole Opry has been graced by many special people, but perhaps no other woman was as loved and admired over the decades as Minnie Pearl.  As I think about it perhaps only Mother Maybelle Carter could rival Pearl for the top honor.

Today some of the humor, and yes even a song from the woman from Grinder’s Switch is featured so sit back and enjoy a slice of Americana.

Since this is a weekly song feature I start out with one of the rare finds with Grandpa Jones and Minnie Pearl, which then is followed by some classic comedy from the stage of the Opry.  It should be noted that the second video comes from the opening night of the new Opry House when President Nixon made an appearance, played the piano, and had Roy Acuff teach him how to use a yo-yo.

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