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Frustrated With Republicans In Congress Who Act Like Stick-In-Wheel

January 2, 2013

No one can be pleased with how the process of government is playing out in Washington.  The past weeks have been an embarrassment for those who are interested in wanting mature leaders on both sides to understand the role of governing.  The past 96 hours has been a most bizarre and sad commentary on the state of affairs in our nation’s Capitol.

Too many Republicans see themselves as the stick-in-the-wheel, their mission to slow everything down, stymie progress, dismantle, destroy, and then gloat over the debris.  Harsh words perhaps, but that is how I see it.

The only function these conservatives hope to serve is to stop the work of government.  What propelled them into wanting to run for Congress, or serve in elected office is a cruel mystery.

The New York Times in an analysis article ended with these paragraphs, which sadly sum up the state of our political process as we start a new year.

Doing business in pieces may end up a productive formula — in the sense that walking 100 miles will still transport a person absent an airplane or a bus — but many outside Congress do not think such halting forward motion should be confused with actual success.       

“That’s the nature of the dysfunction,” said Julian E. Zelizer, a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton. “For the parties, it gives them temporary cover and to fight again on the issues in the next few months. The parties please their base, but the country does not get a solution.”       

But that seems to be the nature of what constitutes progress in such a sharply divided political world.

In the weeks to come this nation must deal with a debt limit measure, and a funding mechanism to keep government operating.  The crisis atmosphere of 11th-hour type theatrics is getting old as there are many of us across this nation who truly want some solid statesman to take control, and again govern in the way our civics books tells us it can happen.

I am not sure what part of the election results many of the Republicans failed to understand.  They lost the White House, and slipped in numbers in the Senate.  They lost some of the most deranged members of the Tea Party in the House.  Perhaps coming to grips with what the ‘loyal opposition’ means would be far better for their long-term interests than acting out in the fashion we witnessed over the past days.

If these were children they would be sent to their rooms.  If these were dogs perhaps a whack on the nose with a newspaper would be in order.

That these are Republican members of Congress is just a national embarrassment worthy of a full-out kick in the back-end.

Instead of acting all bent out of shape they should marshal their forces, take to the House floor and do the nation’s business, starting with funding the storm aid for the folks in New York and New Jersey. If they thought half as much about the ’47 percent’ as they do their rich contributors they might find more popular support at the polls!

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