Wisconsin Should Not Change Electoral College

For the past two presidential elections the Republican Party has put up flawed candidates, and even weaker ideas that did not match the concerns and needs of the electorate.  This past election the GOP made themselves the laughing-stock of the nation with ‘self-deportation’ and theories on rape.   It was just bizarre.

Lacking the national support they need to win the White House Republicans have moved on to a new idea.  Since voter ID laws which were aimed at reducing democratic voters failed to produce the desired results, or are being challenged in court, the GOP is considering ways to alter how votes are awarded through the Electoral College.

This whole matter deals with changing laws that give the winner of a state’s popular vote all of its Electoral College votes.  Republicans want Electoral College votes to be divided proportionally, a move that could transform the way the country elects its president.

If Republicans can not win the hearts of the voters with ideas they can change the rules of the game to win.

It seems to me that the kids on the playground who change the rules to impact who is victorious are not only defeated, and also unfriended.  The Republicans are already on the underside of the polls, and yet they still strive to be driven deeper into irrelevancy.

Yet there are rumors floating that some Wisconsin Republicans favor a change in the college rules.

Late last year Gov. Scott Walker said that changing how electoral votes are allocated was an “interesting idea”.  Though he is playing the moderate these days, and says it’s not one of his priorities everyone knows what was done in the first two years of his term.   Words are cheap.   While no proposal has been introduced many recall that it was Assembly Speaker Robin Vos who first proposed the change in 2007.

Even as late as December Vos was still saying he was open to the idea of the change.

Nothing looks worse than a sore loser.

Sure the GOP has been able to win seats where the boundaries are stacked in the favor of conservatives.  Redistricting can produce any outcome the designers want.  But when it comes to the nation as a whole it takes ideas to win the White House.

Instead of petty politics I think the GOP needs to mine for some fresh and innovative ways to deal with the issues average Americans are talking about around the dinner table.

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