Sec. Of State Hillary Clinton Stuns Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson

Note to Senator Ron Johnson–the role of the United States government is not to continue the narrative of the Republican Party.

It is worth your time to watch Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dismantle Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson.  With no hesitation Clinton takes an exception to Johnson’s pointed inquiry into the State Department’s initial report that the attack had been mounted spontaneously as a reaction to an anti-Islam YouTube video.

“Honestly, I will do my best to answer your questions about this, but the fact is people were trying their best in real-time to get to the best information.”

No one has ever accused Johnson of being over-prepared with facts.  With what seems to me to have been nothing more than a series of talking points prepared by FAUX News the conservative senator makes a fool of himself on national television.

It would seem to me that at such a critical hearing the opposition might comport themselves with a higher calling rather than the usual ‘gotcha’ politics that seems to be their natural default.  It was a blunder of huge proportions when the electorate allowed Johnson to use his money to buy a senate seat.  Today we see that money can buy an election, but not the intelligence to govern.

13 thoughts on “Sec. Of State Hillary Clinton Stuns Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson

  1. Dismantled Senator Johnson??? I watched it twice to see if I missed something, and in the end could only conclude that Hillary didn’t/couldn’t answer the question so she had a hissy-fit in the middle of a senate hearing. It would seem that Hillary was the one who was not prepared, and this is the first time – and I hope the last – that anyone calls what happened a fairy tale !!!

  2. Actually, she hardly had a “hissy-fit”. A “hissy-fit” is what men say women are having when they get put in their place. Senator Johnson was attempting to puff himself up by trying to push Hillary on a minor point that really made little difference in the grand scheme of things, and she let him know it loud and clear with strong articulate speech. He on the other hand sounded a bit like a parrot who had learned how to say the same sentence over and over again, and did. I am sure he was embarrassed at the end.

  3. I guess I am not as up on fit definitions as you are – I should have looked it up. Whatever the case, she looked like an out of control _________ who was not able to sidestep a simple question. While there is some theater involved in anything in Washington D.C., you would think as much time as Hillary has had to prepare for the testimony, she would have easily been able to answer the questions that she faced. If Johnson sounded like a parrot, it was because Hillary couldn’t/wouldn’t answer a simple question and move on..The longer you stall on one question, the less questions you have to face. That depends on what is – is… She is an embarrassment.. And I don’t happen to think that those 4 deaths “made little difference in the grand scheme of things” …

  4. Here are two ways it was was reported on television this afternoon—Johnson put on a “piss-poor performance” and was termed a “simpleton”. What conservatives are upset with is that they got served with facts and as they only had political rhetoric to fall back on were left with Johnson getting the air time for the news. Those here in the state during the 2010 election know Johnson is not ready for prime time and most likely had no clue where Benghazi was even located. Let us recall that it was this ‘intellect’ of the GOP who when speaking about climate change noted, ““There’s a reason Greenland was called Greenland,” “It was actually green at one point in time. And it’s been, since, it’s a whole lot whiter now.”

  5. peggy polk

    this discussion only underscores how ignorant he is of the state department and how it works. Hillary knows her job and does it well. There is no room for an answer to an insignificant question that johnson persisted on,especially from someone who is ignorant like he is of the state department and its workings. He should of kept his mouth shut

  6. peggy polk

    Hissy fit is a (old white male ) TEAPARTY CONSERVATIVE term used to call their submissive wives going against anything they say

  7. peggy polk

    She answered the question when she told him that his question made no sense by telling him that it didn’t matter if it was planed or not. Alll that mattered was 4 americans were killed by a terrorist attack she said in so many words. The investigation is still going on.

  8. Tom H.

    Fact is the administration knew what was going on as it happened. Fact is guards were killed as they took action into their own hands when it was apparent help would not come. Fact is the poor dupe who had guts enough to make a stupid film (which must have some merit seeing the response it has generated from certain sensitive parts of the world) is in jail while terrorists run free. Fact is help was requested and disallowed. Fact is democrats will continue trying to deflect responsibility toward others because they didn’t get a few million more to beef up embasy protection. Apparently the appropriation had not much to do with security itself (pork). Fact is people were killed because those in charge sat on their rear ends making excuses for the attackers’ motives! Yes, it does matter Hillary. How far we have come as a nation! Aren’t we so glad!!

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