Hiatus For Caffeinated Politics, Will Return This Summer


Since July 2006 Caffeinated Politics has blogged almost every day.  There are over 8,000 posts on this blog  that have garnered over 2.9 million hits.   But for the next six months Caffeinated Politics will be taking a break so I can concentrate on another writing project to which I want to give my full attention.

For a number of years I have wanted to write a book.  Not about politics, but instead about life.  Some of the topics I have written about before, but there are others that are rather personal which are left untold.  Once passing the 50-year mark last summer I knew this project had to gain steam, and move forward.

A friend asked me tonight over dinner at The Weary Traveler who my audience will be for the book.  I commented that I write for myself as it is something I need to do.  If anyone else is amused or entertained by the end result than all the better.  That is not a selfish statement, but just how I feel.

I have worked on the book in bits and pieces for some time, but now will devote all my energies to the project.  Given what I have completed, and where I want to head I suspect my project will be completed by the end of July.  With a new laptop computer I can also work outdoors once the warm spring days return.

I am not sure what it will feel like to read the newspapers or watch the news and not place my opinions and views on this blog.  I am reminded that when I first tried to give up coffee years ago I had horrible headaches.  I am hoping for less hardship with a no blogging rule.

As I sign off for a few months there is a question I have for my readers.

How many unconstitutional moves will be taken by Governor Scott Walker in my absence?


13 thoughts on “Hiatus For Caffeinated Politics, Will Return This Summer

  1. The answer to your question is…..A lot less than the president o0f the US…

    That said…Good luck with your writing. I’ll be interested in reading it when you have it published.

  2. CommonCents

    I’ll try not to find a new favorite blog to read while I go through the withdrawal of not reading yours. Good luck with your book.

  3. Fred & Rita Straub

    Good luck writing “Your Story.”
    We’ll miss your daily blog.
    Let us know when you are back on-line.
    Fred & Rita

  4. Alinka

    Friend, this is very bittersweet, from one side it’s great that you plan to write a book, I, and surely many other fans of your blog will love to buy and read it one day, but from the other, it’s sad we won’t see you great posts for a while.

    God speed, and may you book become one you be very proud of.

    But if you ever feel lonely and miss our little catfights and wisecracks and quips and inmates-run-the-asylum state we can surely turn the comment section into – write a post or two! Will be appreciated. 🙂

  5. skip1930

    Bare in mind that National Public Radio had a piece about publications…saying that some 3,000 books are published world wide every day. As you say, you’ll finish it for yourself. Don’t be discouraged if your not published or remain unread. Some 2.9 million blog hits is very little…about 1/2 the population of Chicago. Good luck to you.


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