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America’s Test Kitchen Has A Wedding, Christopher Kimball Is Married

July 1, 2013

James and I love to watch Create TV.  For my better half, who is a master creator of all things tasty in the kitchen, nothing is better to follow than Cook’s Country and America’s Test Kitchen.  Christopher Kimball is a household word, and one that my late-night eating often revolves around.  As I eat pasta or soup and a sandwich James sits at the kitchen table talking back to Kimball about the best way to create a meat sauce or knead bread.

Sunday as I read the wedding announcements in The New York Times I admit to needing a second look at the one alerting me to the nuptials of Kimball to a woman.   I will leave my thoughts there, and only conclude that I am very pleased this guy found his better half, and wish him many years of happiness.  I think he and his wife will have some of the best dinner parties to be found on the East Coast.


The bride and groom work at America’s Test Kitchen, the Boston company that produces the television and radio shows of the same name and publishes Cooks Illustrated magazine. Ms. Baldino is the executive producer of the shows; Mr. Kimball is the founder and president of the company and the host of “America’s Test Kitchen,” which is shown on public television.       

The bride, 37, graduated from Boston University. She is a daughter of Rike Fössl Baldino and Jim J. Baldino of Portland, Me.       

The groom, 62, graduated from Columbia. He is the son of the late Mary Alice White of Salisbury, Conn., and the late Edward Norris Kimball of Bethesda, Md. The groom’s first marriage ended in divorce.       

The couple met in September 2002 when Ms. Baldino interviewed for the position of Mr. Kimball’s assistant. He did not hire her, but two months later, after the woman he hired quit, he called Ms. Baldino back in and offered her the job.       

“So why didn’t you hire me the first time?” she demanded. She recalled his “mumbling some excuse” to assuage her.       

She accepted the job, and over the next several years of working together (Ms. Baldino was his assistant, then became the producer of the radio and television shows in 2006), they became close friends. They admired each other’s entrepreneurial spirit, work ethic and honesty.       

“He sticks by his ideas,” she said. “I love that spirit in him. That’s why I wanted to work for him in the first place. He is who he is. There’s no spin.”       

Mr. Kimball said of Ms. Baldino, “When she makes up her mind to do something, she does it,” noting that she left a successful career in advertising to become his assistant because she wanted to work in the food industry. “She’s a risk taker.”

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