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Bert And Ernie Make Cover Of The New Yorker Over Gay Marriage Court Ruling

July 1, 2013

As with all things regarding Bert and Ernie when it comes to their personal lives, the front cover of The New Yorker has once again stirred the pot.  Following the Supreme Court rulings last week the magazine placed the pair in a cute pose on the front of their magazine.  From almost the start the back-and-forth from the public started.

Some complained that is was childish to create the cover.  Others complained that it sent the wrong message as the puppets are a closeted gay couple.  But some loved the effect as evidenced by Mia Farrow tweeting it’s “one of the best New Yorker covers ever,” and Seth Meyers called it “great.”

I fall into the ‘awww” category, and fully enjoyed the cover.



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