Caffeinated Politics Is Back!

I'm Back

Caffeinated Politics returns to blogging about politics and international intrigue following a five-month hiatus in which I spent time working on my book.   The book is in the last stages of being edited.  My schedule calls for it to be published in August.   It seems to be about 250 pages long, and hopefully readers will find it engaging.

Since the book is about my life, and family there were times when the process of writing became emotional and difficult.  It was at those times I wished for a different plot line.  The need to be accurate and provide a complete picture meant plowing ahead was the only option available to me.  But I also found many carefree and uplifting days of joyful writing, as there are always more smiles than anything else in life.

The process of writing this book has been an amazing journey, but I must say the next book (if there is one) will be a fictitious novel where my emotions are not rubbed raw over the keyboard.

I am mindful of all the news that generated much interest and discussion in my absence.  Many times after hearing about the latest state budget battle, multiple shooting, or death of a country music star I looked at James and said, “I need a blog to vent on.”

When I started this blog in July 2006 the mission was to not only discuss news and politics with passion, (hence the name of the blog) but also comment on diverse topics that are of interest to me.  From Madison, Wisconsin (where I live) to Dubai, (where I would love to travel) this blog reflects who I am, and what I think.

That is why Del Reeves fans, history buffs, clean government types, space buffs, advocates of gay marriage, and lovers of books and newspapers all find a home at Caffeinated Politics.

One never knows what the next post will contain on my little eclectic slice of cyberspace.

6 thoughts on “Caffeinated Politics Is Back!

  1. “…I must say the next book (if there is one) will be a fictitious novel where my emotions are not rubbed raw over the keyboard.”

    I’m betting that whether it’s fact or fiction, your emotions will still be rubbed raw as you work on your next book.

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