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Pictures From Our Vacation To “Seward’s Folly”

July 1, 2013

For most of my life, for whatever reason, I felt that visiting Alaska was not one of the things that would ever come true.  It seemed so far away, and so large that it would be a challenge to place it conveniently on the vacation list of places to travel.  So for 50 years it sat on my list of things ‘not accomplished’.  Until this year.

It turned out Alaska was not so far away with modern means of travel.  When James and I got there we found it to be adventuresome, and grand in the most heart-pounding ways imaginable.

It was 6:00 AM the second full day aboard the Miracle, a cruise ship operated by Carnival.  James was still sleeping, but with the same feeling kids have on Christmas morning I was up and peering out the balcony drapes to see where we were, and what was to be seen.  When we had went to bed the ocean reached out to the horizon.  But as the sun shined bright that morning I gasped at the sight that greeted me.  I at once threw open the drapes, and drenched the room in light as I pronounced, “James, you have to get up and see this!”

With a camera I captured from our balcony the view that makes caffeine a weak substitute when it comes to stimulants.   The air was fresh and brisk, the water smooth and serene as he headed towards one of those perfect places of God’s creation.


We snapped over 900 pictures during the course of our trip that took us from Seattle to Skagway, and saw sights that left us smiling and peaceful.  But perhaps there was no more awe-inducing hours than when we traveled in the Tracy Arm Fjord, witnessed the countless waterfalls, the snow capped mountains,  and saw the blue ice of a glacier.   The following photos are a sampler of what we witnessed.




IMGP1168 IMGP1178


At Skagway we took a train ride, and were swept up in the beauty of the mist, and fog.



There is no doubt that Alaska has our name on it for a return trip.  Traveling like this is fun, but it also can be exhausting and takes a bit of a toll on the body.  But the spirit is renewed.

I was again reminded while on the trip of the quote from John Muir.  “The mountains are calling and I must go.”

How true those words are, and how much I feel them within.


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