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Daedalus Books Catalog Latest Mailbox Favorite

July 2, 2013

When a child there was nothing better than the Montgomery Ward, and JC Penney Christmas catalogs that would arrive each fall in the mail.  Those catalogs contained pages galore of everything that could tempt and tease the young at heart.    As an adult seed catalogs with colorful flowers popping off the pages trumped all other offerings in the mailbox.  Until this year.

Daedalus Books found its way to my mail, and I have become hooked.  So many offerings of books that are not found at my local bookstores as they are either older reads, or more limited in their appeal to mass marketing.   But with the prices of books from this company often ranging from $3 to $6 there is no mystery as to why I have packages arriving from Daedalus Books with some regularity.

This past week one of the books I bought was Where God Was Born A Journey by Land to the Roots of Religion as it blends history, and the world’s great religions into the type of narrative that feeds my curiosity.  It was written by New York Times columnist Bruce Feiler, which did not miss my eye either.

Only a few years ago I would never have thought of myself buying so many books online.  I was wedded to the idea of going to my local book sellers, and while I still do that I readily admit to having evolved on this matter.  The ease of searching topics online that intrigue me, along with new authors to be explored has made me a convert to this method of adding to my reading habit.  With Daedalus Books there is never an end to the possible ways to relax within the pages of a good read.

I can not wait for my next catalog!

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