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A Coup Is Underway In Egypt Against President Morsi

July 3, 2013

I think that words matter.

Therefore let us call what is happening in Egypt, or about to happen, what it really is.

A coup.

The military in Egypt might have coded languge for what it is about to do, but the world knows the truth.

And let us also call out that this is a most regrettable turn of events.

First, this a military coup.

But an aide to Morsy, Essam al Haddad, said in a Facebook posting that a coup was under way.

“For the sake of Egypt and for historical accuracy, let’s call what is happening by its real name: military coup,” said al Haddad, who works in the office of the assistant to the president on foreign relations.

“Today, only one thing matters. In this day and age, no military coup can succeed in the face of sizable popular force without considerable bloodshed. Who among you is ready to shoulder that blame?”

The latest news indicates that Morsi is at the center of a coup.

A quick update on President Morsi’s whereabouts on this tumultous day: he is apparently still working at the Republican Guard barracks in Cairo, although his aides have said it is unclear if he is free to leave. There has also been reports from the AFP news agency saying that Egyptian security forces have imposed a travel ban on Mr Morsi and various top aides, stopping them from leaving the country. This has apparently been done in relation to their involvement in a mass breakout during the 2011 revolution from a prison near Cairo, where Mr Morsi had been put in pre-emptive detention by Mr Mubarak. If these reports are true, the implication would seem to be that the military is considering sending Mr Morsi back to jail – which would amount to a coup indeed.

I have some strong feelings about the events that are playing out.

First, I think Morsi should have acted more boldly to make sure the basic needs of the nation were improved, instead of wading into some of the religious quagmires that he created.  But having said that I also believe that governments duly elected are not then up for removal from the military who feel inclined to do so.  Elections matter.  And though the way may be rugged, democratic institutions must not be thrown aside when things happen that all do not like.

  1. July 3, 2013 3:42 PM

    It was apparent from the beginning of Mr. Morsi’s election that the U.S. was not happy with him, nor with his trip to Tehran, Iran, afterward to join a conference of 123 anti-American and pro-Iranian states. From that point on, Mohammed Morsi became a Salvador Allende-like political figure that the U.S. would do anything to overthrow, and return Egypt to a Mubarak-like figure that it could control. Even though the U.S. pretends publicly to support Morsi – because he was elected, and the U.S. pretends publicly to support democracy, I have no doubt as a historian that the opposition to Morsi has been orchestrated, funded, and designed by the U.S. This is not just my opinion; this has been standard U.S. policy after WWII.
    The U.S. would never have accepted a government in Egypt headed by the Muslim Brotherhood which the U.S. had forced Mubarak to hunt, prosecute, jail, and torture – including the famed Egyptian cleric Abu Omar that the CIA kidnapped in Italy, and turned over to Egypt to be tortured and kept in prison.
    He was released from prison only after Italian judge Joseph Spataro issued arrest warrants for the 12 CIA agents who kidnapped him. The warrants are still in force, but the U.S. refused to extradite the 12 CIA agents to Italy.
    Now. Can anyone believe that the U.S. would have allowed Morsi to govern Egypt, when the U.S. had forced Mubarak to prosecute Morsi and stuff him in prison for years? What happens today in Egypt is a U.S. funded, armed, and supported Egyptian army as it what happened in Venezuela when U.S bribed and supported Venezuelan Generals arrested and overthrew the elected leader, the late Hugo Chavez. Fortunately for Chavez, General Morales, the commander of the army’s armored (tanks) division refused to take a large bribe – as he told the CBS News, 60 Minutes Paul Simon- to join the coup, and send helicopters with commandoes to free Chavez by force, then arrested the coup plotters. This scenario is playing now in Egypt against Morsi, but the U.S. has prepared the ground with funding of the opposition parties to make the Egyptian Army’s overthrow of Mr. Morsi as “a demand by the Egyptian people!”
    It also happened in Greece back in 1974 when a CIA instigated military coup overthrew the anti-American prime minister Andreas Papandreou and then the caretaker prime minister Mr. Kanelopoulos.
    I predict there would be bloodshed in Egypt, and by funding the subversion of Mr. Morsi, the U.S. can pretend its an internal matter. If anybody doubt, keep this in mind: “When the U.S. identifies the European ambassadors of its allies as “targets”, and spies on all their activities – as Mr. Snowden’s documents proved, would it be possible that the U.S. would allow a Muslim Brotherhood – a jihadist and formerly deemed terrorist organization to the U.S. – president to govern Egypt? Not a chance! All the turmoil in Egypt is not ingrown; it is designed in Washington! Nikos Retsos, retired professor

  2. Mark permalink
    July 3, 2013 3:41 PM

    Events in Egypt should be eye opener to Saudis, Qataris and their backers. Time to read the writings on wall, lest its too late. Time for Pakistan too do her soul searching and stop the path of exporting Islamic Jihad. Next phase might turn out to be totally unthinkable. Time to act is now and not tomorrow or day after.

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