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Americans Favor Democrats Over Republicans On Immigration Policy

July 15, 2013

This is not a surprising finding by Gallup.

I have no idea why many in the Republican Party are so obtuse when it comes to crafting immigration policy for this nation.   There is a path forward as evidenced by the hard work done in the U.S. Senate when a smart bill was passed two weeks ago.  However, the House of Representatives is pretending that they can piecemeal the problem away with a series of draconian measures that will never meet the standards for the senate, or the needs of the nation.  Meanwhile the American voter understands where they stand, and who stands with them.

Americans are more likely to say their views on immigration and immigration reform align with the Democratic Party’s than with the Republican Party’s policies, although fewer than half relate to either party on the issue.  Much of U.S. policy discussion about immigration and immigration reform is focused on illegal immigration from Latin America, making the subject particularly relevant to U.S. Hispanics. Six in 10 Hispanics agree more with the Democratic Party on immigration, while 26% agree more with the Republican Party. Blacks also heavily favor the Democratic Party on immigration policy, with 70% saying its policies come closer to their own views on the issue, while 14% name the Republican Party. 

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