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Stupid Comment Gets My Response

July 15, 2013

Perhaps it is the heat today, but the following comment left on this blog forced me to take time with a response. That there are so many in this nation who harbor such totally incorrect notions is troubling, and simply stated those people need to be told they are nuts.

Here is what came my way on this blog.

Government has nothing else better to do but go after Americans who try to make a living. Stop drug abuse but most of the law enforcement are in on the take of using and selling drugs. Now they are making it legal for pot smoking ,and soon to be drug companies to get more money for the government. We pay taxes on money we earn, things we buy , and own we are taxed to death. Our lawmakers always want more money for something , its time to quit taking from the poor and give to the rich. We as Americans can use the help to feed our family . Who has helped us in time of disaster , stop sending money to other countries and help this country , help us first. Let people do what they can to feed their families go after drug dealers and countries who make a living making and selling drugs to our kids. What is a little Moonshine hurting.

I took two minutes and responded.


You are absurd, and your post is proof of that.

There is no logic, or more important evidence, to support in any way your slamming comment about law enforcement and drugs. Your statement is simply ridiculous, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Next, you should be embarrassed with how little knowledge you have with how laws are made in this nation. Law enforcement does not make laws. They enforce them. Therefore your comment about how laws regarding pot are made is pure bunk. Furthermore you seem fine with illegal booze sales, but fault laws to allow for pot. I in no way am in favor of either, but merely point out the hypocrisy of your statement.

Next, if you are tired of giving to the rich from your tax dollars than stop voting for Republicans who are not working on your behalf. Stop supporting those who give tax breaks to the wealthy, and do not provide more monies for the social programs that could help you.

Next, to the charge that no one helps out in time of disaster. You are kidding me, right? Every time a natural disaster strikes this nation reaches out with aid to tornado and hurricane victims, crop disaster funds for farmers in time of drought, and fire forest funds are also available to those impacted from those tragedies too.

Foreign aid is a very small portion of the national budget, and is a prime tool that we have to influence international events, and limit world events from escalating in ways that would harm our national interests.

Finally you have to simply be joking when you fail to recognize that moonshine is also a drug.

Might I just assume that when you wrote your comment you had already drank a quart?

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