Ryan Braun, Where Have All Our Heroes Gone?

The news that Ryan Braun has been suspended from Major League Baseball for the rest of the season without pay is  good news for parents all over America tonight.  In fact, it is the only news that is acceptable regarding this matter.

Since so many young people look up to sports personalities as heroes it is then incumbent upon athletes to act in accordance with the position they have created.  No one demanded that these sports figures accept multi-million dollar contracts or seek the adulation when they step out onto the field.  But by agreeing to be a highly paid professional sports figure comes the burden of not being an embarrassment.  There is no room for Ryan Braun to weave and dodge around the deeds he did.  Simply put he did not play fair and square, and in a world where there are so many impressionable kids looking up with admiration at the ‘Bruans’ of the world it is most important the truth be made known about his abusing performance drugs.  It is also more than fair that he pay a very high price for his actions.

I do not have kids, but have many friends who do.  Through my friends I am well aware of the pressures and difficulties of raising kids today so they understand the world head on, and yet help them not to be lulled into the ditch of troubles by following what their high profile heroes do.

There was only one way for this troubling story to end, and that is with the decision made today by Commissioner Bud Selig.  I applaud the action.

This news over the recent weeks about Ryan Braun had made me think of a song from decades ago sung by Bill Anderson.  The words from Where Have All Our Heroes Gone seems very timely tonight.

This country needs a lotta things today friends
But it doesn’t need any one thing anymore
Than it needs some real heroes.
Men who know what it means
To be looked up to by a griny faced kid
Men who wanna sign autograph books
And not deal under the table
Men who are willing to play the game
With the people who made them heroes
Men who don’t mind putting on a white hat
And saying thank you and please
I wish I knew more men that I’d be proud of
For my son to look up to and say  ‘Daddy when I grow up I want to be just-like-him’.

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