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Anthony Weiner Let Everyone Down, Needs To End Campaign For Mayor

July 24, 2013

US Democratic Representative from New Yo

Over the past couple months I have been following the coverage of the  Anthony Weiner campaign.  He was making inroads with ideas, had a nice fund-raising team, and had an interesting narrative of how the bad apple makes good.  I liked his stands on issues when he was a congressman,  but did not like what he did to his wife and his career with his self-pics.  I had bought into his story of redemption over the past months, since the New York Times Magazine story was printed.  So I was rather floored when the news conference was held yesterday to underscore yet another round of disclosures about his sexual needs that he had engaged in almost a year after his resignation.  So much for the idea that he was somehow a changed man who could lead New York City.

It is time for Weiner to exit the race for mayor as quickly as possible to allow for the issues to take center stage rather than his sexual quirks.  I feel that he let many people down with this latest known episode.  Not only his wife, Abedin, who at this juncture has to wonder how much more she should really have to endure, but also scores of people around the nation who looked on from afar and hoped that there were still stories to be found about flying high after having been grounded in such a public way.

I had hoped that Weiner was going to be one of those redemption stories that could prove all embrassing things need not be the end chapter of a political life.  That is now not going to be the case.

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  1. July 24, 2013 9:11 PM

    Pardon the pun here but can’t the DNC just cut him off? Refuse to support him in any way whatsoever? Have him turn his Democrat card? Something?

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