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The Lost City Of Cahokia Beneath Modern St Louis

July 25, 2013

Hat Tip To James

As always there is lots in the news today, but this story caught the eye of my better-half, and then caught my eye, too.



An artist impression of what the ancient Native American city of Cahokia, which  was discovered beneath modern St Louis, would have looked like.

A sprawling Native American metropolis which  lay hidden beneath a modern city for a millennium has been uncovered. Archaeologists digging in preparation for the  Mississippi River spanning bridge – which will connect Missouri and Illinois –  discovered the lost city of Cahokia beneath modern St Louis. Their findings pointed to a ‘sophisticated,  sprawling metropolis stretching across both sides of the  Mississippi’.  Cahokia, which is near Collinsville in Illinois,  was initially believed to be just a ‘seasonal encampment’. But experts now think  it was a location of much more significance.  

The Cahokian population is thought to have  started to fall after the year 1200, and two centuries later the entire site had  been abandoned. Theories vary as to why it was vacated, including climate  changes, war, disease, and drought.  The site is still thought to be sacred and  Native Americans believe it is a source of powerful psychic energy. The Cahokia  Mounds State Historic Site was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1964  and as a World Heritage Site in 1982.  

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  1. July 25, 2013 1:20 PM

    You can visit the mounds. The climb up to the large mound is substantial, we did it last year. Another visitor pointed out cranes in the distance that were building a new bridge at St. Louis.

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