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Madison Bishop Robert Morlino: Homosexual Activity Is “A Behavior That Can Never Be Justified”

July 28, 2013


Thank God Madison Catholic Bishop Robert Morlino had no involvement with Michelangelo in the 1500’s. It was, after all, the Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and engineer who loved sex with men who painted the Sistine Chapel.  The same place where the conclave of cardinals is held that votes for a new pope.

To say that I am offended by Morlino’s remark has nothing to do with the fact I do not pray to body parts and bow my head to idols.  My connection to God does not need to travel through the Vactican.  Thanks to Martin Luther much of the world is free from the bondage of dispensation or the intellectually unsustainable idea that the pope is infallible.

Instead my ire with remarks from Morlino about homosexuals has everything to do with my concept of how humanity interacts in Madison.  A city it might be noted Morlino stated  had “a high comfort level with virtually no public morality.”   This from a man who represents a church that has an overabundance of pedophile priests.  Irony has no limits.

I am grounded in the fact Madison, though not perfect, is truly a place where gay men and lesbian women can be employed, live, and find joy while also being safe.  And yes, Bishop Morlino, even have sex!  That tolerance and acceptance from many people in all stratas of our society work together to help build bridges of commonality, as opposed to the mindless and utterly stupefying remarks made by Morlino.

It is by using the words of people such as Morlino that bigots and thugs use to undermine and bash gay people.  The lowest common denominators are always seeking out justification for their actions, and Morlino with his language gives them cover.  That is what I find morally unacceptable.

Morlino’s venom for civil rights and equality for gay people and their right to marry is most evident in how he phrases his opposition to what a majority in Madison support.    Morlino has made it known that legalization of gay marriage will eventually spell “the end of  democracy” and that the increasing acceptance of same-sex marriage is happening  because “Satan has a plan to destroy our country from within.”

Morlino seems to have so much schooling that he can expound freely on political theory and history.  I guess having so many degrees under his belt no doubt accounts for his massive waistline.  But his words do nothing for his stated mission of doing God’s work.  Unless he is bucking for a red hat, I see little use his language has for the community that he calls home.

As a gay man I do not feel in any way out of the definition of God’s plan for my life, or the world in which I live.  I know I was born to be the person I am, and work everyday to make a positive mark on the path I walk.  I feel morally grounded about my life.

As I read the statements of Morlino regarding gay people and sex I thought again that unless you are playing in the game you should not be making the rules.

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  1. Solly permalink
    July 28, 2013 6:10 PM

    Exceptional post Deke. Right up until “As I read the statements of Morlino regarding… I thought again that unless you are playing in the game you should not be making the rules.” Thanks! Now I have to burn/drown that picture out of my head!

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