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Everyone Backing Away From Congressman Paul Ryan’s Comments On Immigration

July 29, 2013


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran a story this weekend about the meeting Congressman Paul Ryan had with local voters, many of them Hispanic, concerning the status of immigration legislation in the House.  There was not to be a comprehensive bill, Ryan said, but instead a series of smaller individual bills that were all aimed in the direction of resolving immigration matters. In addition Ryan had a date that the contentious members of the lower chamber were to take up the bills.  The House planned an October vote on a path to citizenship he declared in Racine.

Well slow down Nellie!

A spokesman for House Majority Leader Cantor, whose office sets the  House floor schedule, said soon thereafter that there are “no scheduling announcements to  make.”    And then in what must have felt like whiplash to those attending the meeting Ryan’s office said in an email that the former V.P. candidate was only noting “his preference for legislative action to fix our broken immigration  system.”

While anything can happen if Congress sets its mind to action, there is no one with any credibility who has suggested the House will actually vote for immigration reform in the fashion required to first, meet the actual problem the nation finds itself, and second to meet the expectations of the Senate who already crafted a comprehensive measure.

The fact that there seems to be no direction or leadership in the House when it comes to this matter underscores the frustration that this nation feels about not only immigration, but also the overall capability of Republicans to actually govern once elected.

Since 70% of the Republican members of the House have less than 10% Hispanic voter base in their districts means there is nothing that will be required of these members.  They feel no pressure to work for the higher national interests, or do the heaving lifting required when it comes to immigration reform..  Add in the fussing and fighting these same Republicans will commit themselves to over legislation to fund the federal government this fall, and one can see why there is nothing expected on immigration.

Ryan would have done better had he played golf instead of creating a headline that crashed almost as soon as it was printed.

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