New York Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner Talks About Election And Sexting Scandal

US Democratic Representative from New Yo

One of those must-reads was in the press this morning.  The New York Daily News had an interview with Anthony Weiner, and a wide range of issues came up for conversation.    Some of it seems insightful, and other parts are pure crazy wrapped in ego.  I continue to think the only proper thing Weiner can do for the people he professes to care about, the voters, is to resign.

Q. Did you think the second shoe dropping would cause so much  uproar?

A. I knew it would be bad. It’s too easy this stuff. The puns. The jokes.  The institutional frustration that I was doing well in the race. Look at the  tenor of the editorials before this second wave. Shaking the voters by the  lapels and saying “Why are you voting for this Weiner guy?” They couldn’t  understand that my message was reaching people. So now that they have something  on which to hang their righteousness. I guess I’m not surprised. I’ve been in  this business too long not to know it would be bad. It’s not like some outside  force did this to me. I did this to myself. This is my private life that is now  public. Sometimes that happens when you’re in public life. Voters know more  about me than they know about any of the candidates. If the press wants to  continue to talk about this stuff it will make it harder for me. But if I wanted  it to be easy I wouldn’t be running for mayor.

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