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Update On My Book

August 3, 2013


Yesterday was a huge day for my book project as the last page of the text was read and edited for the final time. I have read, and reread the chapters so many times I could present them as a forensic presentation.  As the writer I can now say the project is out of my hands.  A friend who has more skills than I for the needed computer program to finish the book will place the page numbers, and format the text.  Even more daunting (at least in my mind) is the placement of proper page listings for the index. The bottom line is in the near future the project will be sent for printing.  I will have my book for sale on Amazon in both print and digital formats.  The world is changing, and I concede the point about digital readers.

I read years ago the nearest a man will ever know how childbirth feels is to write and publish a book.   My respect for women has only deepened over the past year as I worked on this project.  At this point it is hard to fathom any siblings coming anytime soon.

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  1. mlerc permalink
    August 5, 2013 12:34 AM

    My own embarrassment, but still makes me laugh when I think about it..Way before the digital age…and auto proofing…I wrote my masters’ thesis and had a professional type it…multiple copies disseminated to profs on my oral’s board…OK, all went well…took one of the bound copies home with my masters’ diploma, sat down to re-read (for the umpteenth time) and found a typo on THE FIRST PAGE…Cracked me up, and I still use it as a sample of necessary humility…Best of luck to you….

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