Hancock, Wisconsin Needs To Find Ways To Shine Again

There is much potential in Hancock. Wisconsin.  I truly believe that.



I admit to some bias on this topic, as I assume anyone can experience when it comes to their hometown.  I grew up in the Town of Hancock, (not the  village), and am rubbed the wrong way when I hear others around Waushara County refer to my hometown in unflattering terms.  I see potential in the village, and believe that it can be transformed into something akin to what I knew as a  child.

First I think the area near the highway needs to be better utilized  as a means to draw travelers into the village. The placement of a motel and extending sewage services (if not already done) out to this area is vital.  It goes without saying that better infrastructure is required to encourage the entrepreneurial  spirit.

Connecting with a consultant who knows how to market to people from larger cities  who want to tap into selling crafts and such, even if only starting out during  the warmer months, would be a positive beginning. Small businesses are always looking for a way to find creative ways to market their products.  Artisans are a great way to open interest for those passing by whom then stop  and find out what Hancock has to offer.

But when anyone now drives off the highway it is a sad sight to find too many bars and a rather run down Main Street.  That is mighty dispiriting. Therefore, revamping the downtown is a  must.  I am also rather aghast with some homeowners who have allowed their property to not only look slovenly, but in the process become an eyesore for the entire community.

A day of planting new trees down town, that I strongly suspect would be  donated from landowners in the area, would be a start. Have the local boy scouts lend a  hand. Find ways to tap into the community spirit that does exist to make changes, and unite them to refurbish Hancock.

I also would either urge, or mandate with village board action, that homes meet certain codes of  maintenance.   This would make for visual attractiveness that once was the way most homes looked when I was a kid. I also would find creative tax incentives for  those who wish to commit to downtown shops.

Recognizing the changing  demographics would produce a positive trend by working to form events that tie into Hispanic culture. How about a street dance with Salsa music after a day of wonderful dishes and foods that speaks to this rich culture.  Tie it in with a crafts show, and perhaps a parade.

I much applaud the efforts by those who are thinking ahead and outside the box for making a statement when they come up with creative ideas for rekindling the Hancock of yesteryear.  Ideas such as the Pea Festival held earlier this year was just the type of a grand idea that hopefully can grow and build on itself.   A Farmers Market would be a great idea.  Not everyone gardens, but everyone eats.

Experimenting with ideas is vital. But to do nothing would be the worst for not only those who live in  Hancock today, but for those who grew up there and know what this place once  was, and believe can be again.

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