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Wisconsin Senator Baldwin Correct: Time To End Ban On Gay Blood Donors

August 5, 2013


Wisconsin U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin is correct.  The ban on gay blood donors should end.

For a very long time I have wondered why such a discriminatory policy was allowed to remain in place.  There is no way to justify it in medical terms, and clearly is an outdated relic of a time when there was great fear when it came to AIDS, and how it was transmitted.  But since those days when President Reagan was in the Oval Office much has changed.  The scientific community’s understanding of the virus has changed dramatically, and as such our society should be able to move beyond the gay blood donor ban.

Those who run blood banks, and know first hand about shortages are in favor of allowing healthy and willing donors to give blood.  In addition vast advances in blood screening technology makes the fears some once had over gay men as donors a relic of the past.

I strongly applaud Baldwin and the other members of congress who are providing leadership on this matter.

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